Instant websites

‘An instant website’
is a site you can hire on a server to be your internet ‘homepage’ like an example of instant website


NEW ACTIVITIES in the year 2015

– besides PayPal, receiving payments via iDEAL, SOFORT, Bancontact, Bank transfer, Belfius, Bitcoin
– bash scripting
– m4 scripting
– php scripting
– example of bash/php/m4 scripting: a combined m4/php/bash script that manages linux system,wordpress, django, haproxy installation to an unmanaged linux server in the cloud.
– python scripting, pip and virtualenvironments, freeze requirements and setup
– cython: deploying django scripts compiled by cython
– installing and configuration mysql database for usage with django and wordpress.
– managing cron jobs for django and wordpress deployments
– multiple apache2 configurations for django from python virtualenvironment
– apache2 configuration for wordpress
– sending e-mail from a server by using gmail.
– managing /etc/sudoers for interaction between wordpress and django
– sending and receiving SMS messages on the server
– example of python scripting: own page in ‘django’ features login, password, paypal payment for online service, VAT bill list
– haproxy: for instance multiple django deployments under one HTTPS server each on their own internal port number, all on external port number 80. redirecting http to https.
– Purchase ssl certificate and managing ssl certificate deployment with apache and haproxy on a linux server
– deployment of fail2ban server protection
– managing server backups by rsync
– managing iptables firewall of a server
– updating django and wordpress deployments with new versions by means of scripts
– managing multiple languages and translations in django
– managing purchase and configuration of domain names by means of scripts
– installing wordpress and plugins, configuration of wordpress plugins by means of scripts
– writing wordpress plugins and widgets
– deploying wordpress contact with captcha plugin
– using cvs,svn,git
– flex/bison deployment system with a python lexical scanner library, pyindent3parea imposing block-structure to python
– managing gnu automake build system
– using gnu debugger ‘gdb’ on linux/cygwin

Older activities

– gsoap library usage for exchanging xml messages described by xsd according to soap protocol via tcp/ip.

Years ago

– using python ‘twisted’ library for testing projects
– scilab programming and integrating with c/c++
– debugging multithreaded c++ applications, solving memory leaks, profiling