Description and user guide

Instant webshop is a ready to use webshop based on WordPress and Woocommerce, with the possibility to choose from many (20+) languages already installed, cookie law info, insert code or text in the header or footer, plugin for Google AdSense and other Google tools. The paying possibilities are the direct bank transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal, Stripe, Mollie.

The webshop is sold in the European Union and the U.S., collecting VAT there, so you need to be situated in the EU or the U.S. to purchase it. (This restriction is due to the unability of this site to administrate tax in other countries). A purchased webshop you may of course use also in other countries, as you wish.

You need a firm knowledge of editing a WordPress site in order to administer your webshop. That part is not managed by this site. However, the intention is to help you with the knowledge we do have although it can not be promised.

The purchased instant webshop comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Steps to purchase, configure and extend subscription of ‘Webshop monthly’:

  1. Place one ‘Webshop monthly’ in the cart. (If you take two of them, you will buy two shops and not one shop for two months.)
  2. Go to ‘Checkout’, fill your personal data, choose payment method and place order.
  3.  When the payment is done you will have a private product ‘Webshop monthly subscription’.
  4.  You should click on your ‘Webshop monthly subscription’ to get the details.
  5.  Fill the slug for your site. E.g. ‘grocery’, then the website address will be and also The slug can be chosen only once.
  6.  After a few minutes, visit your webshop and click on ‘Log in’ situated under ‘Meta’, in the bottom right region of the screen.
  7.  Choose ‘lost password’ and request a new password by filling the very same e-mail address you have used to purchase the webshop.
  8.  You will get an e-mail with a link to access the site.
  9. Extending the duration by e.g. 3 months is done by purchasing 3 pieces of your private product ‘Webshop monthly subscription “grocery””.
    Good luck!

The video shows how to purchase the webshop.

The video shows how to configure the webshop (PART 1)

The video shows how to configure the webshop (PART 2)

The video shows how to configure the webshop (PART 3)

The video shows how to configure the webshop (PART 4)